Pet Cooling Mat

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mCare Dog Cooling Mat, Pet Water Cooling Mat for Dog Cat Beds,39″ x 19.7



  • Unique Design: semiconductor water cooling pad uses water circulation cooling technology instead of cooling gel, has a long-lasting cooling effect to avoid pet overheating and heat stroke
  • Powerful cooling mat: 1-9 hours of time-timing function, there are two different cooling modes, 5.4-14.4 ℉ lower than the ambient temperature, you can adjust the cooling strength of the cold pads according to the comfort level and weather conditions of the dog
  • Super quiet: the sound of the anti-slip dog cooling pad is less than 30 decibels when it is running, which will not effect on your dog
  • Leak patch: cooling pad for dogs large equipped with two leak patches for repairing the cooling pad which teared by naughty dog. To prevent any potential damage caused by pets, it would be advisable to place a blanket on the cooling pad
  • The 39 x 19.7 inches cooling pad has enough space to allow small dogs and cats to stretch their limbs and change their lying position
  • Suitable for use in room temperatures up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit, above this temperature, the cooling effect will not be optimized
  • The dog cooling pad reaches its optimal state, i.e. the cool water is fully circulated to all the dense water channels on the mattress. At that time, the pad temperature is significantly lower than the ambient temperature. It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. For the first time, please add ice or ice water to stimulate the refrigerant to activate the machine quickly
  • A body feeling difference of 46°F° can keep the body cool but not frozen, much less stuffy. Therefore, when touching the cooling mat with your hands, there will be no obvious freezing feeling

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