Las Vegas Strippers

Las Vegas Strippers

If you’re reading this guide, chances are, you’re planning your trip to Vegas and trying to get the lay of the land.

Vegas is known for its high-end adult entertainment, and typically, that means paying a visit to its world-class strip clubs to see some of the hottest entertainers you’ll ever find.

Strip clubs, however, aren’t for everyone. Drinks are pricy; the music is too loud, you’re self-conscious around other people, the dancers are pushy about getting you to buy dances…there’s a myriad of reasons for someone not to want to go to a strip club but still want strippers in Las Vegas.

We have a solution: we bring the party to you.

We feature some of the best in-room entertainment options available, allowing you to host your own private party from the comfort of your hotel room or home or even to take on party bus tours as you cruise under the bright neon lights of Sin City.


Vegas Stripper Options

This is ideal for birthday celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, private events, or simply for fun.

We offer a large selection of gay, male, and Vegas performers available for booking; these performers aren’t just for standard strip shows however.

We can provide a wide range of events, including fetish performances, several artists, Vegas party girls—also referred to as atmosphere models—and more.We can provide you with everything you’re looking for.


  • Atmosphere Models
  • Bachelor Party
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Bottle Service
  • Corporate Events
  • Exotic Car Rentals
  • IV Therapy
  • Industry Night
  • Male Revue
  • Pole Dancing
  • Nightclubs
  • Pool Parties
  • Strip Clubs
  • Top Golf