What exactly is Wild Vegas?

Wild Vegas is the parent company for Wild Entertainment.  We are also launching Wild Miami soon.  Wild is an extraordinary experiential entertainment firm based in Las Vegas.  Some of our service sites include Striptainers, Fantasy Date, and Lorem Servo.  These businesses are licensed in Clark County.

Who is the founder of Wild Vegas?

The founder is Steve Kim. He has performed in over a dozen shows and was featured in major revues such as Chippendales, Hollywood Men, LaBare and American Storm.  He has appeared in numerous calendars and magazines such as CosmopolitanVegasInstyleKoreAm, and Men’s Exercise. Steve has also been featured in national commercials for Vegas.com and Adidas as well as appeared in television shows such as the popular soap opera series ?Passions?.  In a 12 year span, he has danced in front of well over a million women in his career and has toured all over the United States and Europe.  He is a professionally trained dancer having danced for choreographers such as Brian ThomasGlenn Douglas PackardDavid Greenhouse, and Brooklyn Jai, and has learned over a hundred dance numbers by heart.  As a hobby, Steve competes in fitness contests, having won first place honors at Model America and the Desert Classic.

Do you guys take photos and videos of your talent?

Of course!  We offer complimentary photo shoots and we also have some upgraded photo/video packages that you can get through our preferred vendors.  Here is some behind the scenes at a recent commercial we shot (Dec 2017).