Wild Vegas on the road

I’m writing this as I’m on a cruise ship coming back from Alaska.  I take this voyage annually for my birthday as it helps to me to recharge my batteries and reset.  

I’ve heard complaints from people about the nightlife and adult industry.  Yes it has been slow this year compared to others.  Before the shutdowns, we were rocking and rolling.  Business was growing every month. Then the government closed everyone down and over 50% of all small businesses in the United States were closed for good.  Over 50%!  That’s crazy. I feel so bad for those people who have to look for jobs while trying to survive on unemployment.  This was huge and had a devastating domino effect on our economy.  It killed Las Vegas tourism and my business personally suffered greatly (70% lost revenue).  As of August 2022, we are back up to about 50% of our sales in 2020 (pre March).  This isn’t great but it’s expected as Las Vegas in general is still recovering.  

I didn’t get any help from the Government (aside from those weak ass stimulus checks) because my business was classified as “lewd and lascivious” due to its adult nature.  And I had to continue paying taxes and operating expenses throughout the whole time.  To survive, I had to secure a few business loans.  Fortunately I was able to obtain assets needed to run the business more effectively (billboard truck, party bus) and we are ready to launch some exciting new services.

Before I could spend money on marketing and advertising, I had to wait for the industry to recover enough to justify the expense.  And I had to fix issues with reservations first.  The old system we used wasn’t built to scale up so I had to revamp our entire booking process. 

After months of research and development, we have an entire new booking and messaging system.  It’s a huge upgrade and will make everything easier.  After that, we will finally launch our biggest marketing campaign ever!  I will tell you more about that in person at our next company meetup.

I can’t wait for everyone to meet our team!  We have three great booking agents (Kris, Alex, Christina). We have additional help from go-getters like Arielle, Jordyn, Claire, Choe, Lexi and Teresa.  Alex is also taking the lead in growing the LGBT division of Wild.  And Ayesha is our newest rock star who is going to be a top manager with our party tours. We are working very hard behind the scenes to develop new packages and promotions (including party bus tours and private mansion parties). 

If you are serious about this industry and want to make more money then please come to our company meetups.  We will charge the most because we will deliver the best experience for our clients. We will develop more “show based” packages which will give us a competitive edge, increase our entertainment value, and get you paid the most in our industry.  But you’re going to have to learn how to be a great entertainer in the process. 

You can make more money if you want.  You can increase your bookings and be successful but you have to learn how to do it with us first.  So come to our meetups if you’re ready to be a part of our growth 😉  

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for being part of our family!

— Steve

NOTE: We are also re-branding from Wild Entertainment to Wild Vegas

* Wild Vegas will be similar to Vegas.com but with an exotic edge. And we will continue to grow our entertainment division.

** The website for Wild Vegas is being revamped soon. We will be shooting content next week and adding exciting videos to the homepage.